Q: Does Chxpress have a phone number I can call for support?

A: Chxpress support provides free and unlimited online support as part of your Chxpress subscription. Please fill out our contact form to request customer support.

We don’t have a telephone number you can call, but we’ll call you when you need help.

Q: Where are the servers located that host the cloud application and client database?

A: Chxpress servers are situated in Central Canada.

Q: What type of security / encryption is used within the software (i.e. data moving between the cloud and the client’s server)?

A: Transport Layer Security (TLS) is used to encrypt data in transit between the cloud and client computers

Q: What type of security is utilized by the servers that host the cloud application?

A: Chxpress databases are protected by Transparent Data Encryption (encryption-at-rest).

Q: How do I cancel my Chxpress online subscription?

A: Email us at cancellation@chxpress.com. Please let us know the reason why you are cancelling.

We require 20 days to process your cancellation request. Cancellations received with more than 20 days left in the month will take effect beginning the next month; otherwise, your cancellation will be processed the following month.

What is the difference between standard, customizable and custom check layouts?

Standard layouts are predefined, with 2, 5 or 6 checks per page.
Customizable layouts allow clients to reposition data fields from within the app, to better fit their check layouts.
Custom layouts are check styles designed by Chxpress. They're tailored to a client's unique needs, and are used when all standard layout options prove to be unsuitable.